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Sermons recorded live during Sunday Services in the sanctuary of the Unitarian Congregation of West Chester, Pennsylvania

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Are We Too “WEIRD”?: Rev. Kate Rohde


Why UU's and other Liberals are Hard to Understand

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Holy Ground: Rev. Dan Schatz


Our congregation sits on holy ground, surrounded by holy ground. We live on holy ground. How do we wake to the sacredness of this and all places?

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The Totality of Everything That Is: Rev. Dan Schatz


As Hindus around the world celebrate Diwali, this modestly titled sermon will look into Hinduism and its surprising connections with Unitarian Universalist history.

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Who Are We, Really?: Rev. Dan Schatz


What is a congregation? And what it is it that makes our congregation so important?

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Gifts of the Ordinary: Rev. Dan Schatz


Sometimes we find wonder where we expect it least.

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Spiritual Journeys and Spiritual Paths


Our speakers will be several members who are not new to Unitarian Universalism.

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A Time for Turning: Rev. Dan Schatz


The Jewish High Holy Days are a time for looking within, choosing, and turning.

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In Praise of Gentleness: Rev. Dan Schatz


We live in an era of harshness, in many ways. Now more than ever, there is a real value in learning to walk gently with others, and with ourselves.

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The Meaning of Caring: Eric Sweet


Everyone has cared for another person or received care at some time in their lives. Members of the congregation will reflect on their experiences with giving and receiving care and what that has meant for their spiritual journey.

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The Faith of the Open Mind: Rev. Dan Schatz


As the Summer comes to end, we turn to thoughts of our congregation, and explore what it is that makes Unitarian Universalism unique and important in the world and our lives. This is a good service to invite friends to.

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