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Sermons recorded live during Sunday Services in the sanctuary of the Unitarian Congregation of West Chester, Pennsylvania

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All Souls Service


On All Souls Day we honor our ancestors, remember loved ones we have lost, and remember the dead.

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A Little Monster in All of Us


On Halloween, children of all ages dress as monsters, goblins and ghosts. Some say there is a little monster in everyone. Can we find and love that part of ourselves and others?

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Spiritual Journeys


We all have different spiritual journeys. How did we get here? And what does here look like?

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My Neighbor’s House


The Jewish Days of Awe are a time for deep reflection, acknowledging our wrongs, and coming together to atone.

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Working towards Harmony or Harmonizing Opposites


In what ways is the managing of a public sector union like the performance or creation of a musical composition, and what do these seemingly disparate actions say about the way I view the universe and our place within?

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On Not Getting Lost


In a religion which prescribes no one path to truth and meaning, how do we keep ourselves from getting lost in the spiritual woods?

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What About the Children?


Drawing on sources from sacred writings to Mr. Rogers, we will take a Sunday to pay attention to the children – in our world, our country, our community, and our personal lives.

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Feeling Good


UCWC member Janet Hutchison will share thoughts on feeling good, and why it is important.

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Giving Roses


Of all our gifts to one another, perhaps the most profound is our true heart.

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Reclaiming Sabbath


“Just to be is a blessing,” said Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel.

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