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Sermons recorded live during Sunday Services in the sanctuary of the Unitarian Congregation of West Chester, Pennsylvania

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What's All the Fuss About Black Lives Matter — Rev. William Zelazny


Join Rev. Bill this Sunday in Black History Month as he shares what he’s learned and how the Black Lives Matter movement is affecting the world’s discussions on civil rights.

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Give Thanks and Pass the Love Along — Rev. William Zelazny


On this Sunday devoted to love, Rev. Bill explores the power of loving yourself, and the emotional and spiritual benefits of passing that love along to others not only in romantic ways.

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Making Connections — Islam: A Religion and a People — Mr. Ejaz Sabir and Rev. William Zelazny


We learn more about this world faith from our guest presenter Mr. Ejaz Sabir, Esq. He is a member of the Islamic Society of Chester County, where he speaks frequently and leads the Friday afternoon prayers (Jumah prayers).

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Meeting in Progress — Cheryl Pittenger


“Of Two Minds” by Rev. Bill Zelazny, presented by Cheryl Pittenger, prefaces a Congregational Town Hall Meeting. Discussed were renovations, a capital campaign, and proposed bylaw amendments.

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UUs in the Civil Rights Era — Rev. William Zelazny


In the 1950s and 60s many UU people courageously confronted segregation; and, sadly, some opposed desegregation. For Martin Luther King Sunday Rev. Bill talks about the untold history of Unitarian and Universalist involvement in the Civil Rights movement.

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What is Home — Rev. William Zelazny and Frens & Frens, Architects


Rev. Bill discusses the meaning of a religious home in people’s lives. Following are Frens & Frens with the result of their survey of UCWC's interests and desires for our space - and how that can influence future building remodeling decisions.

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I've Always Wanted to Know — Rev. William Zelazny


Rev. Bill invites the congregation to be curious by revealing his secrets then opening up for questions and answers.

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UCWC Youth Return — Marie Steel


Their UU upbringing hopefully helping them face the complexities of life, our returning youth answer questions about their new lives. They are Alex Vogt, Spenser Vogt, Greg Bellano, Byron Lewandowski, and Sondra Hoganson. UCWC's Marie Steel leads.

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I Did Not Think of It That Way — Rev. William Zelazny


Rev. Bill recently came across some material that provides alternative ways to think about life issues that gave him some new perspectives to consider. This is what he is now pondering.

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Living in a Spirit of Abundance — Rev. William Zelazny


Chinese proverb says, “If I keep a green bough in my heart, the singing bird will come.” One green bough is viewing life through the lens of abundance rather than fear and limitations. Consider these diametrics and explore how generosity fits.

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