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Sermons recorded live during Sunday Services in the sanctuary of the Unitarian Congregation of West Chester, Pennsylvania

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Crossing the Borders of Religion — Mary Ellen Giess


Mary Ellen Giess, an alumna of the UCWC RE program, takes on the challenge to our personal values of interfaith activism and engagement. Her brother, Paul Giess (trumpet) and Dr. Richard Veleta (piano) perform Come Sunday by Duke Ellington.

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Freedom of Thought — Rev. David Long


There are countless examples and references to freedom and liberty in American history. On this Fourth of July weekend, UCWC member and guest speaker Rev. David Long takes a deeper look a basic one, freedom of thought.

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A Few of My Favorite Things — Rev. William Zelazny


As his Interim Ministry at UCWC winds down, Rev. Bill reflects on his time here and shares a few of the favorite memories he will take with him.

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Keep on Walking Forward — Rev. William Zelazny


Rev. Bill looks at all that UCWC has accomplished in the church year and tells us five things that really define success both for individuals and their beloved community church.

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Like a Flower — Rev. William Zelazny


Rev. Bill reflects on the color, beauty, and power of uniqueness of individuals.

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Memorial Day: Seeking Peace and Justice — Rev. David Pyle, US Army Reserve Chaplain


Rev. David Pyle, a UU chaplain, reflects on his military chaplaincy experience and relates, from this unique point of view, to the themes of worldwide peace and universal justice. David begins with a reading by Rev. Barbara Pescan.

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"Give Light" — UCWC Intergen Choir


An interlude to Religious Education Sunday, "Give Light" is performed by the UCWC occasional Intergen Choir.

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Distant Land — UCWC Spirit Singers


UCWC Music Director Miriam Davidson directs the Spirit Singers Choir in a rendition of Distant Land by John Rutter.

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A Family Mission — A Family Life Guide — Rev. William Zelazny


Mother’s main concern always has been guiding her family. For Mother's Day, Bill adapts a technique from the business world to help the mother and father or spouses or partners guide their families to function effectively in contemporary society.

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Things Fall Together — Rev. Dan Schatz


In the unfolding of life, how does Unitarian Universalism help us bring together our lives, communities, and spirit? Rev. Dan gives his second service at UCWC.

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