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Sermons recorded live during Sunday Services in the sanctuary of the Unitarian Congregation of West Chester, Pennsylvania

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Preparing — Religious Services Team


We pause for a short homily to reflect on the religious theme of the season: preparing ourselves. As we decorate the sanctuary, UCWC Member Cheryl Pittenger presents "The Spirit of Advent".

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Radical Hospitality — Rev. William Zelazny


Breaking bread with others is an ancient hospitality practice. Today as we hold our traditional Bread Communion, Rev. Bill would also like us to think about how we reach out to invite people to be part of the banquets of good things.

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The Changing Face of Unitarianism — Rev. William Zelazny


With several theological perspectives in the last two hundred years, Unitarianism has not been a static religion. Rev. Bill explores the five, major theological paradigm-shifts of Unitarianism in the United States from its start in the early 19th century.

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Calm is Strength Under Control — Rev. Bill Zelazny


With the holidays fast approaching with all of their potential for personal and family stress and tension, Rev. Bill will talk about ways to bring calm into one’s universe to have strength to face challenges.

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Encouraging Your Lizard to Evolve — Jacqui C Williams


When you think of a minister what comes to mind? Ms. Williams, a member of Albany UU, is an anti-oppression consultant and founder of Filling in the Gaps in American History (FIGAH). She helps us transcend preconceived ideas or prejudices in our search.

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Quieting the Mental Noise — Members of UCWC


In response to requests for more meditation-type services, members of our congregation lead us in several extended meditation periods (5-7 minutes) using different techniques.

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Madras Shorts at a Funeral: Thoughts on Ministry and Other Important Relationships — Rev. Dr. Kate Rohde


After spending most of her life as a minister and her later years living with a new husband and an elderly parent, UCWC's Minister Emerita Rev. Kate will reflect on what she learned about relationships from both the joy and the mistakes.

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Reality Denied Comes Back to Haunt — Rev. William Zelazny


Based on a line by Philip K. Dick, Bill thinks about how we all, sometimes, deceive ourselves about why we make or do not make decisions. Sometimes that self-deception is helpful and other times not so much. Here's a look at this all too natural behavior.

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Whose Are We: Our Place in the Pulsing Universe — Rev. William Zelazny


We each claim diverse ideas about what is of ultimate truth and yet gather as a unified congregation. But what, or who, do we serve beyond the narrow interests of ourselves? What could connect UCWC to the universe of which we are a part?

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The Effects of Ego — Rev. William Zelazny


Our ego gives us strength to withstand negative things being done to us. But it can also be the cause of us doing negative things to others. In the spirit of Yom Kippur, the time for assessment in the Jewish tradition, Bill explores the issue of ego.

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