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Sermons recorded live during Sunday Services in the sanctuary of the Unitarian Congregation of West Chester, Pennsylvania

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Whose Are We: Our Place in the Pulsing Universe — Rev. William Zelazny


We each claim diverse ideas about what is of ultimate truth and yet gather as a unified congregation. But what, or who, do we serve beyond the narrow interests of ourselves? What could connect UCWC to the universe of which we are a part?

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The Effects of Ego — Rev. William Zelazny


Our ego gives us strength to withstand negative things being done to us. But it can also be the cause of us doing negative things to others. In the spirit of Yom Kippur, the time for assessment in the Jewish tradition, Bill explores the issue of ego.

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Faith Based on Covenant — Rev. William Zelazny


Unitarian Universalism is said to be a covenantal faith. Our religious ancestors founded our heritage denominations on covenants. Bill will discuss what this meant historically and what it means for us modern Unitarian Universalists.

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Returning: Joy, Challenges, Hopes — Rev. William Zelazny


This summer Bill returned to his hometown to see family and friends, but the old homestead is now gone. This got him thinking about how returning to a place often brings a mix of emotions.

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Our Universalist Heritage: Love and Justice — Rev. William Zelazny


In 1793 a group of people met in Massachusetts and started a new liberal church — the Universalist Church of America. Part of our ongoing heritage series, this sermon looks at the Universalist side of UU faith — its history and current manifestations.

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Songs of Hard Work and A Hard Life — UCWC Folk Singing Group


Throughout American history work has been hard — as has been life — for many folks. Join us in this sing-along service with UCWC as we look back on some of the many songs that recall this important aspect of our past. (Edited for length.)

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We Are the Champions


Rev. William Zeleazny celebrates congregational life by recognizing the many people who have volunteered their time and resources over the past year.

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A UCWC Selfie


A selfie is taken with a camera pointed back toward the individual. It shows others where the subject of the picture has been and what he or she has been doing. As he completes a year with UCWC, Rev. William Zelazny presents a congregation selfie.

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Parenting is Applied Spirituality


On a Sunday when we traditionally honor mothers, Rev. William Zelazny broadens the perspective to look at parenting with a focus on the spiritual aspect of this great calling and how we, whether we have children or not, can be spiritual parents to others.

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Letting Go of Grudges: the Act of Forgiveness


Some faith traditions have special days designated for forgiveness or atonement. There's even a Worldwide Forgiveness Day. Holding onto anger and resentment can eat away at us, which makes any time a good time to forgive. Rev. Zelazny speaks.

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