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Sermons recorded live during Sunday Services in the sanctuary of the Unitarian Congregation of West Chester, Pennsylvania

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Promises: Rev. Dan Schatz


What are the promises all of us give to children and to society?

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Saying Yes to Life: Rev. Dan Schatz


In the season of Easter and nature’s rebirth, we celebrate the rebirth of spirit in many forms.

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Caring For Souls: Rev. Dan Schatz


Our congregation is a place of learning, of spiritual connection, of growth, and of community. It is also a community in which we care for one another. This service will include our annual candlelight ritual of blessing, connection, and caring.

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Stories Of Justice: Rev. Dan Schatz and others


The actions each of us take for justice can make a large difference in the world.

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A Healing Faith: Rev. Dan Schatz


We Unitarian Universalists pride ourselves on being a faith of the free, of exploration and inquiry. We are also a healing faith, both in our individual journeys and in our approach to the world.

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Is It Good to Be White?: Rev. Kate Rohde


Ironically, lots of people who mark “white” on forms that ask for our race, don’t often think about what that means. This is a sermon of reflections both sociological and theological on one of today’s most difficult topics.

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Seeds of the Harvest


Together, we harvest the power, and we plant the seeds of a harvest yet to come. Come celebrate our UCWC community with words from Rev. Dan and members and special music from The Spirit Singers.

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Within Us


True spiritual depth is about something deeper and more important than perfection.

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The Biodiversity of the Universe


How Its Majesty Gives Me an Inkling of the Creative Nature of God

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Beyond Walls


What is the purpose of a wall, and how can we navigate borders, whether of nation, self, or spirit, in a better way?

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