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Sermons recorded live during Sunday Services in the sanctuary of the Unitarian Congregation of West Chester, Pennsylvania

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Spiritual Parents - Rev. Dan Schatz


We honor all those who have taken on a parenting role in our lives

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Yes, We Are All Human…But Race Matters - Dr. Juliana Mosley


In our quest to be an inclusive society and focus on our humanity, we must be aware of and be willing to challenge the systems that continue to divide us on the basis of race…because Race Matters.

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Living Hope - Rev. Dan Schatz


In its pagan and Christian origins, Easter celebrates the renewal of the spirit, life reborn and persistent hope. Unitarian Universalists can find very real meaning in these themes today.

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Making It Up As You Go Along - Rev. Dan Schatz


In a faith that provides no single road map to Ultimate Truth, religion can be improvisational

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Piles of Stuff - Rev. Dan Schatz


In this service, we will explore our relationship to our material possessions

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House of the Heart — Rev. Dan Schatz


This very special service will include a ritual of blessing and caring

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Art and Being Human - Jaan Troltenier


From the Stone Age to the Digital Age, people have been making art.

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God Beyond God - Rev Dan Schatz


Divinity is everywhere, when we open our eyes and ears. For some, deity may be so all encompassing that we may not name it God at all.

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The Journey Continues - Rev Dan Schatz


Together we celebrate our journey as a congregation.

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A Different Kind of Faith — Rev. Dan Schatz


In an era when increasing numbers describe themselves as “spiritual, but not religious,” Unitarian Universalism offers a unique path.

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