Unitarian Universalist

Sermons recorded live during Sunday Services in the sanctuary of the Unitarian Congregation of West Chester, Pennsylvania

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Now What


The Unitarian Universalist search for truth and meaning can take us in unexpected directions, in a sometimes unpredictable world.

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Martin Luther King Sunday – Moved by Love


Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. spoke frequently about the motivating power of love. His lessons resonate today in our personal lives and our commitment to a better world.

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So Much More


What can we give when we can only give so much?

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Dark of Winter


We honor the solstice with a quiet service of readings and reflection, in this, the dark of the year.

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Everyone Needs


All of us have needs — some unique and some common to everyone. One of the purposes of community is to help us meet some of those needs for one another.

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Whoever You Are


As Unitarian Universalists we proudly welcome all kinds of people to our congregation. What does it mean to be truly “inclusive?”

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All Souls Service


On All Souls Day we honor our ancestors, remember loved ones we have lost, and remember the dead.

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A Little Monster in All of Us


On Halloween, children of all ages dress as monsters, goblins and ghosts. Some say there is a little monster in everyone. Can we find and love that part of ourselves and others?

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Are We a Huuge Gated Community?


The US has always attempted to control immigration to achieve “the right” mix of people. What about, “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses, yearning to breathe free?”

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Beyond Ourselves


In our truth seeking and our living, Unitarian Universalism has always reached beyond ourselves to the wider world of religion and all of humanity.

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