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Sermons recorded live during Sunday Services in the sanctuary of the Unitarian Congregation of West Chester, Pennsylvania

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Weeds – The Blessing of Imperfections


We are in the midst of winter, and we do not yet know how our lawns and gardens will fare in the coming months. But we can be certain that dandelions, crab grass, and their brethren will be a part of our spring, summer, and fall.

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All This and Chocolate Too


Unitarian Universalism is a feast for the mind, heart and spirit.

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To Sing a Prayer


There are many ways to open our hearts to the universe and beauty in the singing of a prayer.

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Sustaining Souls


We join in our Unitarian Universalist community to support, sustain and nurture one another’s souls

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Bayard Rustin: Our Own Non-Violent Revolutionary


A West Chester native, Bayard Rustin was a strong voice against racism from his earliest years

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Intergenerational Christmas Eve Service


Join us for a very special participatory Christmas Eve service as we tell the age-old story of a birth and the holiness of every child.

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Beyond Coffee Hour


People come to Unitarian Universalist congregations to grow, to seek truth, and to crate community. There is a powerful way to do all these things together, beyond Sunday services and social hour.

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Growth, Wonder and Healing


What is the Unitarian Universalist story of humanity, and how do we begin to embrace it?

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All Souls


Traditionally, All Souls is a day to honor our ancestors and remember the dead

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Listen to the Struggle


For this special sermon, Rev. Schatz will talk about systemic racism, the Black Lives Matter movement, current events, and what his father learned from Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

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