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Sermons recorded live during Sunday Services in the sanctuary of the Unitarian Congregation of West Chester, Pennsylvania

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Children's Day — Rev. Dan Schatz


As we honor our youngest children in our ceremony of dedication, we will examine our responsibility toward all children. This service will include a dedication ceremony for young children.

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The Book of Life — Rev. Dan Schatz


The Jewish High Holy Days are a time for reflection, forgiveness, and turning to new ways of being, as the people’s names are written in the Book of Life. Each of us has reason to forgive others — and ourselves.

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People of the Book — Rev. Dan Schatz


Islam is one of the largest religions in the world, and also one of the most frequently misunderstood. How can Unitarian Universalists approach Islam on its own terms, finding wisdom and common ground?

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Our Journey Together – Rev. Dan Schatz


Unitarian Universalism is more than a set of principles; it is a spiritual journey we undertake with one another.

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Gathering the Waters — Rev. Dan Schatz


Our connections run deep with one another, with all of humanity, and with the earth itself. Rev. Dan celebrates these connections through song, story, and water.

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The Spirituality of Hard Work — Christopher Hyson


Building a great monument, raising a child, perfecting an Excel spreadsheet, and even digging a hole in the back yard -- doing hard work brings us great rewards. UCWC Member Christopher Hyson explores how our own hard work rewards us today.

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Helen Meacham performs Sanctus by John Leavitt


for Small Group Ministry

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Singing Just for Fun — UCWC Folk Singing Group


This has been a summer of highly distressing news. Had enough? Let us treat you to a session of non-stop fun. Press play, sing along and sing your cares away.

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Why Black Lives Matter — To Me — Janet Hutchison


UCWC Member Janet Hutchison shares personal experiences as a parent of a bi-racial family and offers some thoughts and ideas about what each of us can do to make a difference and to create a better world for our children.

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Reconciliation, Forgiveness and Redemption — Michael Werner


In the absence of a denominational canon, its body of literature, rules, and standards, where do UUs turn for guidance when we find ourselves in pain and in need of a path? UCWC Member Michael Werner shares what he's learned in his search for a UU canon.

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